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Preacher  //  World Changer //  Spiritual Leadership Developer 

Francis Meristal is known as a voice of change for his generation. He is a visionary, preacher, teacher, charismatic leader, motivational speaker, and an apostolic overseer.  He is the founder and Lead Pastor of Rhema Life Church, a multi-cultural vibrant ministry in the heart of Philadelphia, PA.  Pastor Francis Meristal has received a global vision for prophetic and revelatory impartation to the nations and the world. He carries a strong passion for spiritual leadership and has developed strong leaders within his local assembly. 

Prior to full time ministry, he was a vascular technologist. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Religion and he is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity.  Pastor Francis admires his family. He is married to Joelle Meristal, a former social worker and his co laborer in life and ministry, together they are proud parents of two amazing children Joy Claire and Nathan Charles Meristal. 

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